Musical Notes from Mrs. Hanson.

Music at Rose Hill Elementary is centered in student learning and participation. Mrs. Hanson’s goal is to create a life-time appreciation for Music and the Arts in each student. Through a blend of music pedagogies in the music classroom, students experience classical, contemporary and world music. Students learn to read music, sing, and play classroom instruments in music class. Students also create compositions, orchestrations and instrumental accompaniments using classroom Orff instruments such as xylophones and classroom percussion instruments. Students move to the steady beat, dance to music from many cultures and create their own improvised movements through body percussion and dance. Students experience performing for an audience through grade level musical performances and student led assemblies.

Rose Hill Choir Coming Events

February 9th, 6:30PM- 3rd grade Music Program in the Commons
March 7th, 6:30PM - 4th and 5th grade Music Program in Commons